Community Resource Officers

The Burnside Gorge Community Resource Officers are Cst Kathi Brown and Cst Allison Johnson.  Burnside Gorge is comprised of residential, commercial, industrial and park land. It is a vibrant neighbourhood with a strong sense of community.

Cst Kathi Brown and Cst Allison Johnson work proactively with the Cool Aid Society in the operation of the Rock Bay Landing Emergency Homeless Shelter which includes being part of the Rock Bay Landing Good Neighbour Agreement Committee.  They work closely with management and staff at Rock Bay Landing in preventing and foreseeing challenges associated with their client group. They engage and consult with local businesses, Service Providers, community groups and members concerning issues important to the neighbourhood.  They work in conjunction with the City of Victoria, Bylaw, Parks and Public Works Departments to ensure the safety of all members of the Community.

They liaise with the Burnside Gorge Community Association to address concerns with the Center as well as Cecelia Ravine Park and the Galloping Goose Trail.   They prepare and deliver presentations to various groups in the Community and regularly contribute to the Burnside Gorge Community Newsletter.

Cst Kathi Brown and Cst Allison Johnson work in conjunction with PEERS and Service Providers providing support to Sex Trade Workers and managing the issues associated with the industry.  This is predominantly to build relationships, ensure safety and prevent violence against persons in the sex trade.

They are trained in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and are active members in the RESPOND program (Reacting Effectively to Solve Problems in our Neighbourhoods and the Downtown.)  This includes tracking calls for service at problem locations, and nuisance properties.

Cst Kathi Brown and Cst Allison Johnson created and manage the Report a Problem Property online information page.  This online information page pertains to complaints in the neighbourhood related to crime and drug activity.

Their mission is to act as police liaisons for the communities of the Burnside Gorge ensuring that all residents and community members feel safe and secure 

ESQUIMALT Community Resource Officers

  • Cst. Franco Bruschetta | Email
  • Cst. Rae Robirtis | Email

Updates from the Community Resource Officers can be found here!

BURNSIDE/GORGE Community Resource Officers

  • Cst. Kathi Brown | Email
  • Cst. Allison Johnson | Email

DOWNTOWN Community Resource Officer

  • Cst. Dan O'Connor | Email

MIDTOWN Community Resource Officer

  • Cst. Terri Healy | Email