Victoria City Police, 1860.Audio: It’s our birthday! We’re a young and spry 156!156-years ago today, on July 18th, 1858, the newly appointed Victoria Police Department was publicly announced to the citizens of Victoria. The public announcement came after the official appointment of Agustus Pemberton as Commissioner of Police for Vancouver Island on July 8th of that year.  This started a 156-year journey for our police department which claims the title of being the oldest Police Department west of the Great Lakes.What started as a one-man department serving the citizens of Victoria, has now grown into a department of 243 sworn police officers, over 100 professional support staff, 70 volunteers and 60 Reserve Constables and now serves the communities of Victoria and Esquimalt with pride.It’s our birthday. We’re a young and spry 156! by Victoria Police Department is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.