File # 14-43130
Date: Thursday, September 25, 2014

Listen: No Prints Required – Vehicle’s Failure to stop for a Red Light Leads to Drug Seizure by VicPD’s Forensics Team

Victoria, BC – Two are in custody facing drug charges after being arrested by members of VicPD’s Forensics team.

VicPD Forensics investigators usually spend their days collecting the smallest shreds of evidence to help piece files together. This work requires extensive training and expertise honed from working file after file. Sometimes, however, the evidence of a crime presents itself right out in the open.

The Forensics investigators’ suspicions were raised just after 2 p.m. yesterday when they observed a vehicle fail to stop at a red light. They followed the vehicle for a short distance and then pulled it over in the 500-block of Fisgard Street. Upon approaching the vehicle, they noted what appeared to be cocaine out in plain view. They took the two vehicle occupants into custody at that time.

Sgt. Mike Yeager, who runs the VicPD Forensics Unit is proud of his team. “It is a good example of how every member, specialist or not, is still a working cop,” Sgt. Yeager said. “They will step out of their role and back into general policing duties when appropriate.”

The two suspects are expected to face charges of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking.