Date:     Thursday, October 16, 2014

Victoria BC – MobileVicPD, Canada’s first interactive mobile police app, celebrates one year of use today.
With over 8,300 downloads, representing 15% of our population who have smartphones, mobileVicPD has been instrumental in reuniting missing persons with their loved ones and stolen property with its rightful owners.
Developed by MobilePD, in conjunction with VicPD Crime Prevention Services, mobileVicPD’s aim was to help further connect VicPD with the community we serve.  The app fit all of VicPD’s social channels into one mobile-friendly application.  Users of mobileVicPD can track crime, report specific crimes online, leave tips for investigators, listen in to news reports and get all of the social media information you’ve come to expect from VicPD, all from your mobile device.

“This application reflects the ongoing efforts of VicPD to connect with the communities that we serve,” said Mark MacIntyre, VicPD’s Director of Crime Prevention Services and Information Technology.  “It has allowed us to reach entirely new audiences and begin new conversations about crime prevention and healthy communities.”

One of the highlights of mobileVicPD is the ability to send out “push notifications” for emergency alerts. This alert feature has been used 13 times to date to help locate missing and wanted people. Users can also get updates on traffic incidents and extreme weather warnings.

You can download mobileVicPD from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.