File # 2014-48752
Date: Nov 7, 2014

Victoria, BC – A series of recent community complaints stirred action and results for neighbours in the 3100-block of Washington Avenue this week.

Neighbours in the area had noticed an increase in suspicious traffic to a house in their neighbourhood and many had begun to feel intimidated, with some even being physically confronted by the new tenants.

Officers from VicPD’s Crime Reduction Unit initiated an investigation and, through covert investigative techniques, learned that the new neighbours were dealing drugs.

A search warrant was granted for the residence, and yesterday at approximately 9:30 in the morning, members of the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team executed the warrant and arrested the two main suspects.

Both of the individuals arrested had cocaine and methamphetamine in their possession.

Officers are now in the process of reaching out to the neighbourhood and updating them on the progress of the investigation.

Officers will be recommending drug related charges against the two main targets of the investigation, a thirty-year-old Victoria man and a forty-one-year-old Victoria woman.