Victoria BC – Last night we recognized Ernie Caissie for assisting an off-duty VicPD sergeant with apprehending a combative thief.

On September 15th, an off-duty VicPD sergeant was at Mayfair Shopping Centre when he heard a male shouting, “Stop, thief!” and “He robbed me!”

The sergeant gave chase and called out for help from passersby.

Suddenly, Mr. Caissie appeared out of nowhere and was able to push the suspect off-balance, causing him to fall and scatter his ill-gotten gains over the floor.

The suspect got up and “squared-off” against the sergeant, but was taken into custody as additional on-duty units arrived.
Ernie is congratulated by Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board Chairs Mayor Barb Desjardins and Mayor Dean Fortin
If not for Mr. Caissie’s actions, it is unlikely that the suspect would have been caught. Due to Mr. Caissie’s unselfish actions, the sergeant nominated him for VicPD’s Civic Service Award.

The VicPD Civic Service Award was created to recognize VicPD members and Victoria and Esquimalt citizens who step up and go above and beyond to help make Victoria and Esquimalt safe and healthy communities.