Date:   Dec 11, 2014

Victoria BC – A Saturday afternoon traffic stop by a VicPD Patrol member brought a property crime spree to a screeching halt; led to the recovery of a cache of stolen goods and the arrest of two individuals.

At approximately 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon, the sharp-eyed patrol officer spotted a suspicious vehicle in front of a well-known house in the 1500-block of Elford Street. The officer noticed a man leave the house and go into the vehicle. Knowing the vehicle has been associated to a man well-known for property crimes, the officer followed.

A short time later the officer pulled the vehicle over in the 1300-block of Balmoral Road.  When the officer approached, he recognized both the driver and passenger. Knowing the driver had a court ordered ‘no-contact’ condition with the passenger, the officer arrested the driver for breaching his court ordered conditions.

As the investigation continued, it was also revealed that the passenger had an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

The officer searched the vehicle after the arrests and located five laptops, a cell phone, expensive watch and jewelry, all which had been reported stolen from a series of break and enters in Sooke in early December.

“This is a fantastic example of good old fashioned police work paying off,” said Chief Frank Elsner. “This officer followed this trail of clues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our community members, and the lives of the victims of these break and enters.”

Charges of failing to comply with a recognizance, driving while prohibited and four counts of possession of stolen property are being recommended for the 45-year-old Sooke man while the 29-year-old Victoria woman possibly faces four counts of possession of stolen property as well.