Date:   Jan 8, 2015

File:       2015-908

Victoria, BC – Charges are being recommended against two Victoria men who went on a mischief spree damaging vehicles in James Bay last night.

So far, nine vehicles in total have been identified as having been kicked, having mirrors broken, as well as having trunks and/or roofs stood on by one or both of the men. Officers took the men into custody after several people called 911 after observing the pair damaging cars first in the 500-block of Dallas Road, and then north along South Turner Street.  Upon being taken into custody, one of the two men allegedly began to utter threats towards an arresting officer. Additionally, a search of the suspects turned up a small amount of drugs.

Officers are asking anyone in the area who discovered their vehicle damaged overnight to contact them through the VicPD non-emergency line at (250) 995-7654.

Charges are being recommended including mischief, uttering threats and possession of a controlled substance.