Date:   Jan 12, 2015

Her Worship, Mayor Barb Desjardins, the Chief Elsner, officials, and residents along side VicPD members, staff and volunteers ushered in the launch of VicPD’s Esquimalt Division on Friday, January 9th at the Esquimalt Public Safety Building. While our policing framework agreement with Esquimalt went into effect on January 1st of this year, the ceremony marked the official launch of the Division, introduction of the staff dedicated to serving Esquimalt and unveiled two newly marked Esquimalt Division vehicles.

“This is a special day that marks a new chapter in our relationship with VicPD,” said Mayor Desjardins.  “I am pleased to be partnering with the City of Victoria and VicPD as we work together to ensure the delivery of the best possible policing service for the citizens of the Township of Esquimalt.”

“We’re very excited to be unveiling our new Esquimalt Division team and vehicles today,” said Chief Elsner.  “The men and women of our Esquimalt Division truly reflect our pride in serving Esquimalt and our ongoing commitment to work with its citizens to keep this a wonderful place to live.”

A key feature of the newly launched Esquimalt Division is a dedicated Patrol shift that will focus on Esquimalt itself. Complete with facilities mirroring those at VicPD headquarters, this Patrol shift will come to know the township citizens whom we serve.

The Esquimalt Division Launch event also featured our VicPD Honour Guard, who escorted in the newly marked VicPD Charger and SUV with the Canadian, Township of Esquimalt and VicPD flags.