Date:   Feb 5, 2015

Victoria BC – Two determined VicPD officers are receiving kudos for good work after returning five stolen bikes, with a total value of over $5000, to their rightful owners in four days.

Starting on January 26th until the end of their shift on January 31st, the two officers were able to locate the five bikes, all during separate incidents. The bikes were seized and, through detailed investigation, the rightful owners were found.

All but one of the stolen bikes had been previously reported stolen, and the time range of the thefts ranged from last November to late January.

In 2014, there were 656 reported bike thefts in Victoria and Esquimalt.  Thanks to a new program initiated by VicPD’s Crime Prevention Services in April, VicPD has been able to locate and return 158 of those bikes to date.  Those successful reunifications continue in 2015.

“Bike theft is an area that we continue to focus on at VicPD,” said Chief Constable Frank Elsner.  “While it may seem like a minor crime at face value, it has far-reaching impacts on the citizens of Victoria and Esquimalt.”