Date:   Jun 3, 2015

File #     15-18722

Victoria, BC – VIIMCU and VicPD’s extensive search of a rural Saanich property continues today.

In what Detectives are calling one of the most extensive and detailed searches in the history of Vancouver Island, officers continue to search for any evidence, including human remains, from the disappearance of Dana McKellar.

Officers have been granted a search warrant for the property and have started this large-scale examination that includes a large field behind several residential homes.

During a preliminary examination of the property, officers found some concerning, unlabeled, blue barrels and have had Capital Regional District Hazmat Team attend to identify and secure the items and their contents.

The police search team is still completing a preliminary examination of the property. Several bones have been found, but they have been deemed to be non-human.

This is not the first property to be searched in this investigation. Earlier this year, teams of detectives and forensic identification specialists pored over a property in the 1200-block of Burnside Road West. Evidence found there has helped direct this investigation.

Over 90 officers are expected to search for over 6300 person-hours in the search for evidence while utilizing experts in clandestine grave location.

The investigation continues and officers are expected to be on scene until early next week.