Friday, April 22, 2016

Victoria, BC – The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal today released its decision regarding complaints that were brought forward by VicPD Constable David Bratzer. These complaints focussed on the department’s response to Cst. Bratzer’s advocacy for changes to drug laws.

VicPD respects the vital role that the Tribunal plays in our society and the department accepts the Tribunal’s decision in this matter. While some of Cst. Bratzer’s complaints were dismissed by the Tribunal, several others were accepted. However, it is clear from the decision that the Tribunal recognized that the department was engaged in a good faith attempt to balance the department’s interests with Cst. Bratzer’s right to express his views, which the tribunal identified as “a novel and a difficult issue.”

“From the VicPD perspective, we are pleased that the Tribunal recognized our good faith efforts,” said Acting Chief Constable Del Manak. “It is important to accept this decision, learn what we can from it, and move forward as an institution.”

Based on an initial review of the decision, the department has no intention of appealing the outcome or findings.