Tuesday, May 3, 2016


TUESDAY MAY 3, 2016, Victoria BC……The Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board convened yesterday to discuss the implications of both the External Investigation ordered by the Police Complaint Commissioner on April 29, and Adjudicator Pitfield’s Order later the same day directing that Chief Constable Frank Elsner be suspended. The Board will, as it has since the outset on an ongoing basis, continue to review its obligations to Chief Elsner in respect to his salary and indemnification for his legal fees.

This investigation is completely within the control of the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner and, therefore, further inquiries are properly directed to that office.

The Board is, however, able to provide answers to the following questions raised by the media on April 29.

Is Frank Elsner still the Chief?

Yes. That said, for the duration of Chief Elsner’s suspension, Acting Chief Del Manak will continue to be charged with all the duties of the Chief Constable of VicPD.

What is the difference between Administrative Leave and Suspension?

The terms are essentially the same. The Chief Constable Elsner will not exercise powers as a chief constable and will not wear the uniform or use the equipment of the Victoria Police Department. The Victoria Police Department has had an acting chief in place since December 18, 2015 who is fulfilling all the duties of the chief constable.

Is Chief Elsner suspended with pay?

Yes. The Police Act provides that except in exceptional circumstances, a suspension of a police officer is with pay.

We must all be reminded that the outstanding investigations involve allegations of misconduct. None of the alleged charges have been substantiated.

How much is all this costing taxpayers?

Details of all associated costs will be available to the public once these matters have concluded.


The Board once again echoes the Commissioner’s request on December 18th, 2015 and again on April 29, 2016, for the public not rush to judgment or engage in speculation. It is important to allow these investigations to proceed respecting the interests of those directly affected as well as their families. There are families with children involved here. None of the allegations have been substantiated.