Thursday, May 19, 2016

VicPD’s Civic Service Award added seven new recipients yesterday. Included in this honour group are citizens who intervened in assaults and fires, a man who pulled an elderly woman from the waters off Dallas Road, a military police member who came to the assistance of one of our officers in arresting a suspect and a member of our own 911 Communications Centre Staff, who was instrumental in locating and returning a small family’s only method of transportation – a unique bicycle. Also honoured was a quick-thinking assistant manager, who fought a fire in a local store that’s origin remains under investigation.

A/Chief Constable Del Manak, Police Board Member Maureen Shaw and Citizen Engagement Division Director Mark MacIntyre presided over the ceremony, in which A/Chief Manak presented each recipient with the VicPD Civic Service Award.

The VicPD Civic Service Award was created as a way to recognize community members and VicPD officers who have stepped up and done the right thing in challenging situations.

Our first Civic Service Award was presented to Stephanie Green.

On December 16th, 2015, Ms. Green was working her shift at a convenience store in the 900-block of Government Street. She was working alone when a man entered the store and stated that he had been stabbed. Ms. Green was able to provide him access to 911 while the man revealed several stab wounds. She then made use of a first aid kit and immediately rendered timely and appropriate first aid while waiting for emergency responders.

Ms. Green was nominated for this Civic Service Award by Patrol Constable Rob Horne.

Our next Civic Service Award was presented to Geoffrey Ingram.

On January 15th, VicPD officers responded to a report of a suicidal person along Dallas Road. Upon arrival, our officers located several bystanders as well as an 80-year-old lady who had tried to cause herself harm. It was quickly determined by officers that Mr. Ingram had assisted in saving the woman’s life by pulling her from the frigid water. He then sprinted up the 75 stairs so he was able to get cell reception in order to call 911. Responding VicPD officers stated that without the actions of Mr. Ingram, the woman likely would not have been saved.

Geoffrey Ingram was nominated for this award by VicPD Patrol Officer Cst David Bratzer.

Geoffrey’s father flew out from Kelowna to surprise him for the ceremony.

The next award was presented to Cpl. David Henry of the Military Police detatchment at CFB Esquimalt.

On January 28th, Cpl David Henry of the Military Police detachment at CFB Esquimalt assisted a VicPD officer at an alarm call at a business in the 600-block of Admirals Road. Meeting at the scene, the two officers located an unlocked door and entered the premise, where they located a man who was trying to open a locked safe. The man saw the officers and raised a hammer up towards them before running towards the front doors, smashing the glass window to try to get away. A short foot chase ensued and the two officers were able to arrest the man and put him safely into custody. Cpl Henry’s actions went above and beyond his duties and his presence potentially prevented injury to both the VicPD officer and the man who was breaking into the store.

Cpl Henry was nominated for this award by VicPD Patrol Officer Cst Matt NcNichol.

Frank Parrish, who intervened in an assault with a weapon in Victoria’s downtown, was our next Civic Service Awardee.

On February 10th, Frank Parrish was driving downtown when he observed what appeared to be a struggle between two men. Upon closer inspection, Mr. Parrish was able to determine that a man was holding a box cutter knife to another man’s throat. Mr. Parrish immediately stopped his vehicle and intervened by yelling at the assailant. The assailant released his grip on the victim and walked away.

VicPD officers were able to obtain video and, using the description that Mr. Parrish provided, were able to identify the assailant who was arrested a short time later. The knife believed to be used in the robbery was also located. Mr. Parrish’s actions potentially saved the victim from injury and played a major role in apprehending the assailant.

Mr. Parrish was nominated for this Civic Service Award by VicPD Crime Analyst Ray Lonsdale.

Our own 911 Communications Centre call-taker Sharon Wilson was the next Civic Service Awardee.

On February 10th, VicPD 911 call taker Sharon Wilson was working in the VicPD Communications Centre when a woman phoned in to report that her bike had been stolen. Ms. Wilson was able to get a detailed description and noted that it was the victim’s only source of transportation for herself and her children. Ms. Wilson sent out a message to all the officers on the road to be on the lookout for this distinct bicycle.

The following day, Ms. Wilson was at a business on Yates Street when she noticed the bike locked to a bicycle rack and it appeared to be freshly painted. She immediately reported this to VicPD, who contacted the victim. The victim was able to go to the location and confirm that this was indeed her bike.

After VicPD officers reunited the victim with her bike, she explained what a relief it was to have it back since it was her only form of transportation.

Ms. Wilson was nominated for this Civic Service Award by VicPD Crime Analyst Ray Lonsdale.

The next Civic Service Award recipient was Janice Arburura.

On March 8th, VicPD members responded to the area of Cook Street at Kings Road for the report of a found child. Upon arrival, police located a 2-year old child with Ms. Arburua, who reported that she was driving along Cook Street when she observed the young child walking into traffic.

Shortly after, the child’s mother called police reporting her child missing. Because of Ms. Arburua’s actions, VicPD officers were able to reunite the child with the mother, who explained that she suffers from MS and that the young child had taken off from her suddenly. By stopping, Ms. Arburua ensured that the child was safe and was able to help reunite the mother and child.

Ms. Arburua was nominated for this award by VicPD Patrol Officers Cst. Ken Fetherston and Cst. Mike Russell.

The final Civic Service Awardee of the day was Morgan Gregory.

On April 27th, Ms. Gregory was working as an Assistant Manager for the Toys’ R’ Us store at Mayfair Mall. She was alerted to a fire in the store and, without any thought of self-preservation, she grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and ran towards the growing blaze, which witnesses described as growing very fast. Ms. Gregory successfully extinguished the blaze, then immediately assisted the other staff with evacuating the store. D/Cst Ian Hynes stated that, without Ms. Gregory’s quick actions, far more damage would have resulted from the fire and there would have been much higher potential for injury or death for the occupants of the store.

Ms. Gregory was nominated for this Civic Service Award by Major Crime Detective Ian Hynes.

Ceremony participants and members of the media can download print-sized versions of the ceremony photos here.