Friday, September 23, 2016

Victoria, BC – With the Royal Family’s visit at the Legislature this Saturday, Victoria and Esquimalt will be on the world’s stage.

Here’s what you need to know to enjoy the event:


Traffic will be disrupted on Saturday and throughout the week as the Royal Family moves from location to location. If you are on the road and see the police escort team, please follow their instructions. We’re working to minimize the disruptions to regular traffic but your patience is greatly appreciated.

Road Closures and Parking bans

Road closures and parking bans will be in place in the area around the Legislature, starting Saturday morning. No parking zones will include Government Street from Wharf to Superior Street, Belleville Street from Oswego to Douglas Street, Menzies Street from Belleville to Superior Street, and Superior Street from Oswego to Government Street. Some parking restrictions will also be in place in the lower parking lot at Ship Point off Wharf Street.


Road closures will include Wharf and Humboldt Streets between Courtney Street and Gordon Street, Government Street from Wharf to Superior Street, Belleville Street from Oswego Street to Douglas Street, and Menzies Street from Belleville to Superior Street. Traffic access will be limited to local traffic only on Wharf Street between Fort and Douglas Streets, Oswego Street between Belleville and Superior Streets and sections of Quebec, Kingston, and Superior Streets close to the Legislature Buildings.


With all the parking restrictions and road closures, please consider taking transit, cycling, or using another method to come down to welcome the Royal Family.


Backpacks, lawn chairs and unattended items

It is expected to be quite crowded at the welcome on Saturday. Please leave large items like backpacks, lawn chairs and large bags at home. While our officers will be onsite to help ensure public safety, everyone has a part to play. Please make sure you don’t leave any items unattended.



Also, drones are not permitted at the site. The inner harbour is an active flight zone for float planes and helicopters, so drones are strictly prohibited under Transport Canada rules.


Temporary Cameras

Our officers will be on-site on Saturday to help with the crowds and to help ensure a safe, friendly and enjoyable event. We will be deploying temporary cameras in the immediate vicinity of the event as part of our efforts. These cameras will be taken down after the event, and will only be in operation during the Saturday September 24th event. If you have questions or concerns regarding our use of these cameras, please email ‎[email protected].


If you have any concerns about Saturday’s event, please email [email protected].