Thursday, October 13, 2016

Victoria, BC – VicPD is currently in the process of training police and civilian staff in the use of naloxone, a medicine that can save lives in opioid overdose situations.


“We are adopting naloxone to ensure that our police and civilian staff members can be treated immediately in the case of accidental exposure to fentanyl or other opioids,” says Acting Chief Del Manak. “The safety of our staff is paramount and, with the increased risk of fentanyl exposure in their day to day activities, we want to be able to supply them with the best training and resources available.”


As police members are out in the community and may come across people overdosing from opioids, they will also be able to assist members of the public who are exhibiting the signs of an opioid overdose.  However, police are not normally dispatched to overdose calls, as the first response role in that situation falls to paramedics and firefighters.


“After recent incidents in B.C. with police officers having adverse reactions from fentanyl exposure, this is a welcomed step to provide an extra layer of protection for our members,” says Sgt. Sean Plater, VicPD Union President. “Our members are coming across people that are overdosing on the street, and this will also provide our officers the ability to help those people too.”




Note to Editors: A/Chief Manak will be available this afternoon for interviews. Please email [email protected] for availability.