Friday, February 10, 2017

Victoria, BC –  A Victoria woman was taken into custody just before 9 p.m. last night after officers found her unconscious behind the wheel, with her vehicle running and her child strapped in the back seat.

Officers were called to the 100-block of Gorge Road East after passersby noted the driver of a stopped vehicle appeared to be unconscious with a young child in the car. Callers had attempted to enter the vehicle to aid the woman and child but were unable to gain access as the vehicle was locked. VicPD Patrol and K9 officers responded alongside officers of the Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU).‎

When they arrived, officers broke a passenger side window in order to gain access to the vehicle and rescue the occupants. It was then that they noted evidence indicating the driver may be impaired by drugs and alcohol. The officers brought the child to safety and began to provide aid to the driver.

BC Ambulance Service Paramedics arrived and took over care of both the child and the driver who were both transported to hospital. The driver was subsequently taken into custody. The child has since been released with no physical injuries.

IRSU has taken over the investigation of the incident. Officers are commending the passersby for their actions in calling for help and attempts to help the vehicle occupants.

Driving while impaired puts everyone at risk, including those closest to you. Please, do not drive impaired.

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