Monday, July 30, 2018

Victoria, BC – A woman has been apprehended for medical treatment after she entered a helicopter and then the water off Ogden Point last night.

Officers were called to a heliport in the 0-block (a street address of 1 to 99) of Dallas Road just after 9 p.m. last night for a report that a woman was acting erratically. On-site security staff reported that the woman had scaled a fence, entered the helipad and opened the door one of the helicopters there. As the helicopter controls were secured, there was no danger of the woman being able to start the aircraft.

When officers arrived moments later, they discovered the woman had exited the helicopter and entered the water. They worked to locate the woman who was then illuminated in the water by a second approaching helicopter. The woman came ashore at the nearby cruise ship terminal and armed herself with a small metal ladder. Officers approached and were able to use critical incident de-escalation techniques to get the woman to put down the ladder and give herself over to their custody for medical treatment.

The woman was transported to hospital for non-life-threatening injuries related to being in the water and scaling the fence. She has been held for treatment.



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