Friday, October 5, 2018

Victoria, BC – The Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board want to recognize the members of the Victoria Police Department for their professionalism, resilience and fortitude demonstrated throughout the difficult and lengthy discipline process involving the former Chief.

The Police Board also extends its gratitude to Chief Constable Del Manak, who took on the leadership of the organization during a challenging time and has led the Department in an exemplary manner. Moving forward, the Board and Chief are committed to creating and maintaining a workplace environment where bullying and harassment are not tolerated and where there is always a safe outlet for officers and staff to report these kinds of concerns.

With the investigation and complaint process now complete, the Board and Chief are looking forward to returning the focus to the good work done by police officers and staff on a daily basis to keep citizens and communities safe.

Summary of Board Expenses Incurred

The investigation was held in accordance with the processes outlined in Part 11 of the Police Act (Misconduct, Complaints, Investigations, Discipline and Proceedings). Expenditures were incurred under the “Arbitration and Litigation” line item in the approved Police Board budget, with the approval of the Police Board.

This is an update to the costs disclosed by the Police Board on June 30, 2017 to include subsequent expenditures that are a matter of public interest. The reportable expenditures to date at that time were $611,196.

Costs Related to the Investigation
Final costs total $811,027, consisting of $788,185 in relation to the matter and $22,842 for legal services provided to the Department, or employees of the Department. This total represents expenditures for, or reimbursed by, the Victoria Police Department (VicPD) only. We are unable to provide expenditures for other parties or agencies, not directly reimbursed by VicPD.

Expenditures related to the investigation
Internal investigation $77,468
Investigation by Vancouver Police Department $224,757

Legal Services
Legal services provided to the Board $273,032
Legal services paid on behalf of the former Chief $170,024
Legal Services provided to the Department $22,842

Other Professional Services
Communications consulting $36,084
Other (withheld pursuant to FOIPPA) $6,820
Total expenditures in relation to the external investigation $811,027

Former Chief’s expenses
Salary and benefits from date of suspension with pay* $269,661
*Includes pension fund contributions for the period of April 29, 2016 to May 9, 2017

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