Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Victoria, BC – VicPD’s Block Watch Sign Revitalization project is well underway.

Thanks to excellent work by City of Victoria and Township of Esquimalt staff working in partnership with Kimberly Kelley, our VicPD Block Watch and Community Programs Coordinator, our VicPD Block Watch Sign Revitalization process is now 63% complete.

  • 46% of Block Watch Signs in Esquimalt have been replaced with the new, revitalized VicPD Block Watch signs.
  • 69% of Block Watch Signs in Victoria have been replaced with the new, revitalized VicPD Block Watch signs.

The enthusiastic support by municipal staff has been instrumental to our success so far. “(We) have no problem with assistance as we love to support the police,” Dave Watts, Supervisor, Surface infrastructure, Construction & Maintenance with the City of Victoria, said.

Last year, we began the process of revitalizing the VicPD Block Watch program. We met with our VicPD Block Watch Captains, VicPD Block Watch participants and citizens at our open house and listened through our VicPD Block Watch program survey. During those conversations we heard time and again how important signs are to program participants. VicPD Block Watch signs let everyone know that the community on that block cares about each other and are looking out for one another.

We created our new, high visibility VicPD Block Watch sign to highlight our revitalized program in action.



The VicPD Block Watch Program has 157 active blocks across Victoria and Esquimalt. Thousands of volunteer VicPD Block Watch Program participants help keep a safe eye on their neighbours, supported by hundreds of VicPD Block Watch Captains.

For more information or to help someone join a VicPD Block Watch group please visit