Auxiliary Jailer

Location: Victoria, British Columbia

Salary Range: Starting $26.41/hour

Benefits: •Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

               •Uniforms and Cleaning Service

Employment Type: On call/ Part time

Department: Victoria Police Department

Description: The Victoria Police Department is accepting applications for auxiliary Jailers. Starting pay $26.41 per hour  


The Victoria Police Department is accepting applications for uniformed auxiliary jailer positions.

The deadline for submission will be Friday August 2, 2019


Submission of Letter of Interest and Resume

Please ensure that your resume is detailed and is applicable to your background.

It is imperative that all relevant qualifications are listed on your resume. This will help ensure an accurate assessment of your competitiveness in the application process.

Submit your Letter of Interest, demonstrating how you meet the requirements, and your resume.  Also please provide your complete address, with postal code, and your valid email address. If your submission is accepted and you are identified as a competitive candidate, the following will occur:

1. You will be invited to a screening interview,


Please Note: Only applicants identified by the selection panel to move forward in the process will be notified by email.


Email your resume and cover letter to



No experience is required, but must have the ability to communicate effectively, handle stressful situations and work on call including holidays and weekends. 


The Jailer is responsible for all male and female prisoners in the Victoria Police Department jail. This includes the security of prisoners, and all prisoner needs during their detention in the jail. Specific duties include:

•the booking process

•preparing and entering arrest records for identifying prisoners in custody

•searching prisoners for weapons, valuables, drugs or any other contraband and documenting

•locking prisoners in cells

•serving meals to prisoners

•provide or obtain medical aid for prisoners, other staff and visitors within Victoria Police Headquarters.


The Jailer must also assist in situations that may involve serious injury to or the death of a prisoner. The Jailer, during normal duties, may be exposed to bodily fluids and wastes and the associated risk of disease. The Jailer must be computer literate, wear a uniform, and work 12 hour shifts.


•Minimum age 19 years

•No criminal record for which a pardon has not been granted

•Valid First Aid Training Certificate OFA level 2 or currently enrolled in a certified OFA level 2 course

•Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident

•Visual acuity must be no poorer than 20/40, 20/100 uncorrected and 20/20, 20/40 corrected. Applicants having corrective laser surgery must wait three months from time of surgery before applying

•Hearing requirements: must be above 30 db HL to the 500 to 3000 HZ in both ears, and 50 dB HL in the worst ear at the 3000 + HZ notch

•Grade 12 diploma or high school equivalency (GED)

•Basic Computer skills and keyboarding ability required

•Demonstrated fit and healthy lifestyle

•Meet the medical requirements of the Victoria Police Department

•Maturity derived from varied life experience

•Demonstrated responsibility, initiative, creativity and problem-solving abilities

•Demonstrated sensitivity to people whose culture, lifestyle or ethnicity is different than your own

•Excellent verbal and written communication skills

•Ability to successfully undergo reference checks

•Ability to pass security checks which include polygraph