Blog | “What Youth for Change and Inclusion 2015 Means to Me” – Cst. Allison Johnson


Allison Johnson is a VicPD Officer, YCI volunteer and a Mom.

Well my bags are packed and I am ready to hit the road for YCI camp.  The busses roll out of Tillicum Mall at 8:00am on Wednesday with about 80 very excited middle and high school students, 11 teachers and 9 police officers.  Most of us will be strangers when we get on those busses but after four days at Camp Pringle we will all be family!!

I also enjoyed the connection that all us YCIer’s had with all the police force. Half the time I forgot you guys were police being that the stereotypical outlook on police are scary, mean, buff people. But this camp really made me realize that you guys are just like us and you really care about the community and our generation. – Mia

Someone asked me what YCI means to me….. I think most police officers will agree that we see some terrible things in our job and deal with many negative people and situations. YCI gives me the opportunity to meet a group of youths who are eager and excited to make a change. I  get such a high from working with these amazing kids who have such positive energy. We also have an incredible line-up of guest speakers some of whom have experienced the type of tragedy and hardship that I can never fully understand….

YCI camp was an amazing experience for me and it taught me so many amazing and important things about the world we live in. YCI showed me that one person can make a big difference in our world. – Zachary

All of these people make me want to be a better person.


On the final night of camp when 100 of us sit in a circle lighting each other’s candles, listening to each student share a moment of what YCI has meant to them, it reminds us of why we do this every year and the importance of the message we are sharing.

Author: Cst. Allison Johnson

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