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Are you an Experienced Officer?

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As a member of the Victoria Police Department you will experience the challenges and rewards of big-city policing in a vibrant smaller city.

A year-round tourist destination for millions of visitors, Victoria offers average temperatures between 4C and 24C. Rather than dealing with cold and snow in the winter, or heat and humidity in the summer, you will be working in a city where mild ocean breezes keep the air clean, yet excellent skiing is a few hours away at Mount Washington. Victoria is a bike-friendly, walkable, fitness-oriented community where outdoor recreation of all kinds is close by.


In order to qualify for the experienced officer program in BC, candidates must have completed their basic police training at one of the following training centres:

  • Justice Institute of BC
  • RCMP Training Academy (Depot)
  • Ontario Police College
  • Chief Crowfoot Learning Centre (Calgary Police Service)
  • Edmonton Police Service, Basic Recruit Training
  • Lethbridge College
  • Winnipeg Police Service, Police Recruit Training Academy
  • Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
  • Saskatchewan Police College
  • École Nationale de Police du Québec
  • Atlantic Police Academy
  • Canadian Forces Military Police Academy

Experienced officer applicants must have been a serving police officer for a Canadian police agency in the preceding 36 months.

1.      Pre-requisites

Cover Letter and Resume

All potential applicants are asked to submit a cover letter and resume. Provide your complete address, with postal code, and your valid email address. It is important that the cover letter outlines why you are applying to the Victoria Police Department, especially if you are living out of jurisdiction. All cover letters and resumes will be reviewed after which all applicants will be contacted by a member of the recruitment team.

2.      Initial Screening

Screening Interview

This interview is conducted by the Recruiting Sergeant and is based on all of the information that the applicant has provided. This interview focuses on general suitability, life experience, integrity and assesses the next step in your hiring process. You do not need to prepare anything for this interview.

Application Package

If you are deemed suitable you will be given access to the application package. You must include all requested documents as outlined in the application package. Incomplete packages will not be processed.

3.      Secondary Screening

Panel Interview

Applicants who advance to this stage will be invited to an interview with a panel of police officers with varying ranks and jobs within the organization. This behavioral-based interview focuses on the life skills, experience and abilities of the applicant. Applicants should prepare answers using the STAR format. More information will be provided during your screening interview.

Psychological Testing

You will be required to attend an identified Victoria Police selected psychologist office for an interview and written testing. This is paid for by VicPD.

Polygraph Test

This is a continuation of the Polygraph Integrity Questionnaire that is part of the application package. It is administered by a trained, professional qualified in the use of a polygraph.

4.      Human Resources Managers Interview

Applicants who have been identified to advance to this stage will be invited to attend an interview with the Human Resources Division Staff Sergeant and civilian HR Manager.

5.      Final Screening

Occupational Health Assessment

Conducted at Victoria Police Department’s expense, you will attend a health assessment company in Vancouver to ensure you are able to carry out the occupational requirements of the job as a constable.

Background Investigation

An extensive background investigation is conducted with regards to references submitted and others. An investigator contacts friends, family members, past and present employers and neighbors, and validates the candidate’s resume.

Inspector’s Interview

The final interview with candidates who have succeeded in the previous stages is with the Human Resources Division Inspector.

6.      Offer of Employment

The Chief Constable or designate makes the final decision on offer of employment.


Can I apply for a specific type of work in your Police Department?2022-02-24T23:06:28+00:00

All experienced members start in Patrol and are expected to complete two years in that function before applying to other sections within the Police Department.

How long do I have to wait before applying for promotion?2022-02-24T23:05:50+00:00

At present, all police members must have at least 9 years experience with a recognized Canadian Police service, and 4 years with VicPD before being eligible for promotion.

Will my pension transfer over?2023-02-16T13:38:50+00:00

Some pension plans are compatible with our pension plan. In order to ascertain if your pension plan will transfer over please use the link provided on this web site to the BC Superannuation Plan under the Experienced Officer Process.


Does my seniority carry over to your department?2022-02-24T23:04:45+00:00

No. However, if you are a currently serving member of a Canadian Police Department, you may be eligible to receive recognition for past years of service for annual leave allotment and level of pay with the Victoria Police Department.

Will the Victoria Police Department pay for my relocating expenses?2023-12-13T16:31:55+00:00

You are responsible for paying the costs of your relocation to Victoria.

If I am the subject of a current internal investigation can I still apply?2022-02-17T20:04:25+00:00

No. We will not process your application until you have resolved all internal investigations you are currently involved in.

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