Victoria ndi Esquimalt Police Board

Udindo wa Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board (Board) ndikupereka kuyang'anira ntchito za Victoria Police Department, m'malo mwa okhala ku Esquimalt ndi Victoria. The Police Act amapatsa Board mphamvu kuti:
  • Kukhazikitsa dipatimenti ya apolisi yoyima palokha ndikusankha mkulu wapolisi ndi ma constable ndi antchito ena;
  • Kuwongolera ndi kuyang'anira dipatimentiyi kuti iwonetsetse kutsatiridwa kwa malamulo am'matauni, malamulo apaupandu ndi malamulo aku Britain Columbia, kukonza malamulo ndi dongosolo; ndi kupewa umbanda;
  • Kukwaniritsa zofunika zina monga zafotokozedwera mu Lamulo ndi malamulo ena ofunikira; ndi
  • Khalani ndi gawo lalikulu pakuwonetsetsa kuti bungwe likuchita zomwe likuchita ndi zochita zake m'njira yovomerezeka.

Bungweli limagwira ntchito moyang'aniridwa ndi Police Services Division ya BC Ministry of Justice yomwe imayang'anira Mabodi a Apolisi ndi upolisi ku BC. Bungweli lili ndi udindo wopereka ntchito za apolisi ndi zachitetezo kumatauni a Esquimalt ndi Victoria.


Meya Barbara Desjardins, Wapampando Wotsogolera

Atakhala zaka zitatu ku Esquimalt Municipal Council, Barb Desjardins adasankhidwa koyamba kukhala Meya wa Esquimalt mu Novembala 2008. Adasankhidwanso kukhala Meya mu 2011, 2014, 2018, ndi 2022 zomwe zidamupangitsa kukhala Meya wautali motsatizana ku Esquimalt. Anali Wapampando wa Bungwe la Capital Regional District [CRD], wosankhidwa mu 2016 ndi 2017. Pa ntchito yake yonse yosankhidwa, wakhala akudziwika kwa nthawi yayitali chifukwa cha kupezeka kwake, njira yogwirira ntchito, komanso chidwi chaumwini pazinthu zomwe anthu omwe amawasankha. M'banja lake komanso moyo wantchito, Barb ndi wolimbikitsa kwambiri kukhala ndi moyo wathanzi komanso wathanzi.

Meya Marianne Alto, Wachiwiri kwa Wapampando

Marianne ndi wotsogolera pochita malonda ndi madigiri a yunivesite mu zamalamulo ndi sayansi. Mkazi wamalonda wogwira ntchito m'deralo kwa zaka zambiri, Marianne adasankhidwa koyamba ku Victoria City Council ku 2010 ndi Mayor ku 2022. Anasankhidwa kukhala Capital Regional District Board kuchokera ku 2011 mpaka 2018, komwe adatsogolera gulu lake lapadera la Special Task Force pa First Nations Relations. . Marianne ndi womenyera ufulu wanthawi zonse yemwe amalimbikitsa mwamphamvu kuti pakhale chilungamo, kuphatikiza komanso chilungamo kwa aliyense.

Sean Dhillon - Wosankhidwa Wachigawo

Sean is a second-generation Banker and a third-generation Property Developer. Born to a hard-working immigrant South Asian single mother, Sean is proud to have engaged in community services and social justice since he was seven years old. Sean is a self-identified persons with an invisible and visible disability. Sean is the past chair of the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre and the past Vice-Chair of the Threshold Housing Society. During his tenure he stewarded the creation of the country’s only Sexual Assault Clinic and doubled the number of youth homes available in the CRD. Sean is a Board Director/Treasurer at PEERS, Chair of the Men’s Therapy Centre, Secretary at the Alliance to End Homelessness across Greater Victoria, and a Board Director at HeroWork Canada.

Sean has his Institute of Corporate Directors designation from the Rotman School of Management, and holds experience in Governance, DEI, ESG Finance, Audit and Compensation. Sean is the Governance Chair of the Victoria & Esquimalt Police Board and a member of the Canadian Association of Police Governance.

Micayla Hayes – Vice-Chair

Micayla Hayes is a businessperson and consultant specializing in concept development, strategic growth, and organizational change management. She’s the founder and leads the London Chef Inc., a dynamic operation offering culinary education, entertainment, and innovative programming worldwide.

With a BA from the University of Toronto and an MA from King’s College London, both in Criminology, she has a strong research background and extensive experience in theoretical and applied criminology. She has worked with the Centre for Crime & Justice Studies in London on a project jointly commissioned by the Serious Organized Crime Agency and the Metropolitan Police, is a trained restorative justice facilitator, and has designed and piloted rehabilitative programs supporting community reintegration for correctional institutions.

Micayla has significant experience in governance and leadership roles. In addition to her current role with the Police Board, she is Secretary of the BC Association of Police Boards, and is a member of various community committees including the Victoria Youth Court & Family Justice Committee and the Destination Greater Victoria Finance Committee.

Paul Faroro - Wosankhidwa Wachigawo

Paul Faoro is Principal of PWF Consulting, providing organizations in BC with strategic guidance on complex labour relations matters, employment issues, stakeholder relations, and governance matters. Prior to founding PWF Consulting in 2021, Paul held the position of President and CEO with the BC division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

Over his 37-year career, Paul has held numerous elected positions at all levels within CUPE and the broader labour movement including as General Vice President of CUPE National, and as an Officer with the BC Federation of Labour. Paul has vast board and governance experience as well training in leadership, parliamentary procedure, labour law, human rights and occupational health and safety.

Tim Kituri - Wosankhidwa Wachigawo

Tim is the Program Manager of the Master of Global Management program in the School of Business at Royal Roads University, a role he has held since 2013. While working at Royal Roads, Tim completed his Master’s in International and Intercultural Communication, researching the post-election violence in his home country of Kenya. Tim started his career in academia at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. During his seven-year tenure, he worked in numerous departments and roles, from the Office of Alumni and External Affairs, the Executive and Professional Development department, and as a teaching assistant in the school of business.

Tim holds a Master of Arts in International and Intercultural Communication from Royal Roads University, a Bachelor of Commerce with a Marketing specialization from Saint Mary’s University, Bachelor of Communication with a Public Relations specialization from Daystar University, and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, with Advanced Coaching course in Team and Group Coaching from Royal Roads University.

Elizabeth Cull - Wosankhidwa Wachigawo

Elizabeth has spent her entire educational and working career in the field of public policy as an employee, an employer, a volunteer, and elected official. She was the BC Minister of Health from 1991-1992 and the BC Minister of Finance from 1993-1996. She was also a consultant to elected officials, public servants, non-profit organizations, local and Indigenous governments, and private corporations. She is currently the Chair of the Burnside Gorge Community Association.

Holly Courtright - Wosankhidwa ndi Municipal (Esquimalt)

Holly completed a BA in English and Environment Studies at the University of Victoria, a Masters of Human Rights at the University of Sydney, and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University. She has complemented her education with additional coursework in mentorship, mediation, and negotiation from the Royal Roads and the Justice Institute of BC. Five years ago, after over 20 years in Municipal Government, Holly began her current role as a Real Estate Advisor and Leadership Coach. She services Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Holly previously served on Boards for Leadership Victoria and the Esquimalt Farmers Market. She was the President of CUPE Local 333, and is currently the President of the Esquimalt Chamber of Commerce. She has travelled solo to over 30 countries, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and continues to adventure abroad on occasion.

Dale Yakimchuk – Municipal Appointee (Victoria)

Dale Yakimchuk is a life long learner with over 15 years of Human Resources experience in a variety of roles including Human Resources Generalist, Diversity Consultant, Vocational Rehabilitation & Employee Placement, Benefits and Pension, and Compensation Consultant. She also taught Human Resources courses as a Continuing Education instructor at the post-secondary level and was honoured in this capacity with an Instructor of Excellence Award. Before making a career transition to Human Resources, she was employed as a team lead for over seven years in an Employment Counselling agency for individuals involved in the Mental Health System. Other social services experience included working within the Criminal Justice System and as a Residential Youth Worker with children in residential care.

Dale holds a Master’s of Continuing Education (Leadership & Development) and a Bachelor’s in Education (Adults), diplomas in Behavioural Sciences (psychological/vocational/educational testing) and Social Services, and certificates in Teaching English Overseas, Employee Benefits, and Personnel Administration. She continues her ongoing education and learning by completing a variety of general interest courses and workshops including Indigenous Canada, Queering Identities: LGBTQ+ Sexuality and Gender Identity, Understanding and Managing the Stresses of Police Work, and Science Literacy through Coursera.