Duties of a Constable

Police work involves significant responsibility, diversity and complexity in both the prevention of crime and criminal acts and the enforcement of a wide variety of criminal law, the laws of the Province, and Municipal bylaws. This is done through the anticipation, discovery and investigation of crime, the laying of charges and the effective delivery to the courts of the evidence gathered

Police work also requires the protection of life and property and the application of complex investigative techniques and methods, complicated Departmental procedures and regulations, diverse legal and evidentiary rules and procedures. All of these must be accomplished within the scope of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Constable is frequently exposed to danger, injury, disagreeable working conditions and difficult and challenging social elements and surroundings. Police work requires the exercise of a high degree of discretion, tolerance, tact, integrity, and ethical conduct.

Policing also requires initiative, flexibility, social conscience and intelligence and effective judgment in resolving a wide range of problems, at all levels of society.

These problems involve such situations as criminal, Provincial or Municipal bylaw violations, child and spousal abuse, alcoholism, mental health issues, cultural issues and labour and political disputes.

Situations the Constable is expected to deal with are frequently violent, unpredictable, and stressful. The Constable is often required to act without supervision and is accountable for decisions and actions to supervisors, the courts, and the public. The Constable’s responsibilities’ to the Department and the public apply on a twenty-four hour basis, both on and off duty.

The work performed is evaluated by a supervisor in terms of the overall effectiveness of the services provided to the Department and to the public. The Constable’s performance may also be reviewed by courts of criminal and civil jurisdiction and also be subject to review by a variety of internal and external professional conduct tribunals which incorporate a citizens complaint procedure.

The Victoria Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity in the workplace