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Experienced Officers FAQ2019-10-16T07:54:19-08:00

Experienced Officers FAQ

If I am the subject of a current internal investigation can I still apply?2019-10-15T12:22:14-08:00

No. We will not process your application until you have resolved all internal investigations you are currently involved in.

Does my seniority carry over to your department?2019-10-15T12:21:47-08:00

No. However, if you are a currently serving member of a Canadian Police Department, you may be eligible to receive recognition for past years of service for annual leave allotment and level of pay with the Victoria Police Department. Please see the exempt process on the website for information on the increment pay system.

Will my pension transfer over?2019-10-15T12:20:25-08:00

Some pension plans are compatible with our pension plan. In order to ascertain if your pension plan will transfer over please use the link provided on this web site to the BC Superannuation Plan under the Experienced Officer Process.

How long do I have to wait before applying for promotion?2019-10-15T12:19:56-08:00

At present, all police members must have at least 9 yrs experience with a recognized Canadian Police service, and 4 yrs with the Victoria Police Department before being eligible for promotion.

Can I apply for a specific type of work in your Police Department?2019-10-15T12:19:29-08:00

All experienced members start in patrol and are expected to complete two years in that function before applying to other sections within the Police Department.