Does the Victoria Police Department have many opportunities outside of the Patrol function?2019-10-16T07:44:29-08:00

Yes, there are many areas that police officers can move to within the department, including the Bike and Beat Section, Traffic Section, K-9, school liaison, community resource officer, youth outreach, street crime unit, and Crime Reduction Unit. In the Detective Division there are positions in the Major Crime Unit, Sex Crimes Unit, Financial Crimes Unit, Computer Forensics, the Forensic Identification Section and Strikeforce. There are also opportunities to be seconded outside the police department to work with other agencies.

Can I apply directly to one of the specialty sections of the police department?2019-10-16T07:43:59-08:00

No. All recruit and experienced police officer applicants start in the Patrol Division and are required to spend a minimum of two years (experienced applicants) in that function before applying to other positions within the department.

How long do I have to wait before applying for promotion?2019-10-16T07:43:30-08:00

At present, all police members must have at least 9 yrs experience with a recognized Canadian Police service, and 4 yrs with the Victoria Police Department before being eligible for promotion.

Will I have a partner or work alone?2019-10-16T07:43:04-08:00

There are opportunities to work alone and with a partner.

How long will it take to reach first class Constable?2019-10-16T07:42:40-08:00

You will reach first class Constable status at the beginning of your 5th year in policing.

Is there an age limit?2019-10-16T07:42:15-08:00

No. Each candidate is evaluated individually based on their ability to meet the requirements of being a police officer.

I meet your minimum standards, is that enough?2019-10-16T07:41:47-08:00

Many of the candidates who apply to the Victoria Police Department exceed the basic requirements. The selection process is a competitive one and additional education, work or volunteer experiences beyond the minimum standards may assist you.

Will the Victoria Police Department pay my relocating expenses?2019-10-16T07:41:21-08:00

You are responsible for paying the costs of your relocation to Victoria. However, the moving costs associated with your move to your new job may be tax deductible.

Your website indicates that 2 years postsecondary education is preferred. What type of curriculum should I look for?2019-10-16T07:40:52-08:00

The actual content of the courses is not as important as the experience of attending a post secondary institution. Although many people choose to take courses in the social sciences this is not a requirement.

Does the police department pay my tuition for the JIBC training?2019-10-16T07:40:27-08:00

No but the Victoria Police Department does offer a payment plan to assist new recruits. The department is willing to pay the recruit’s $10,000 tuition fee up front and then collect it back through a payroll deduction over a 3 year period. Keep in mind that recruits do not have to participate and are free to deal with their own bank and set-up a payment plan of their choice.

If I have used drugs in the past, will this prevent me from being able to apply?2019-10-16T07:39:52-08:00

Each candidate’s experimentation with drugs (or any criminal activity) is evaluated in its entirety on an individual basis. We have a thorough application process that is designed to evaluate the life experience of each candidate. When candidates disclose past illegal activity, our recruiting staff discuss the incident with the candidate and assess their ability to carry out the duties of a police officer. Complete disclosure throughout our process is crucial to being successful. Generally, we expect candidates to be a minimum of two years clear of any drug use prior to their application being accepted.

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