Out of Country Applicants

Out of country applicants, both serving members and new recruits.

Current serving police officers from outside of Canada do not qualify as an exempt officer candidate. (please refer to Careers / Officers / Recruit Candidate ). Non-Candian police officers would enter into the candidate selection process as a new recruit.

New recruit applicants from outside of Canada must have Permanent Residence/Landed Immigrant status for a minimum period of 2 years to apply. Government of Canada

Our recruiting process is lengthy and includes an extensive background investigation where a member of our organization conducts face to face interviews with your past employers, family, friends and anyone we feel would provide important information. This process can be very difficult if an applicant is residing outside of Canada, due to the inability to access information and references in a timely manner. The distance for us to travel is quite significant and would be costly for us to travel so it is not likely that we would go that far to do a background. The process of recruiting applicants is a competitive one and we give preference to people who have been residing and gaining work experience in Canada for the last two or more years.

Many people who reside outside of Canada who are interested in applying to become an officer, have more success with larger Canadian police departments, who have the resources to process these applicants.

The Victoria Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity in the workplace