Bike Registry

It’s frustrating for riders who often stand to lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of their property. And, in communities as bike-friendly as Victoria and Esquimalt, the theft of someone’s bike is often the theft of that person’s prime mode of transportation.

That’s why we launched the free VicPD Bike Registry to help combat bike theft in the capital region – and why hundreds of bikes have been registered and returned to their rightful owners since the registry was launched in July 2015.The VicPD Bike Registry helps officers reunite found or seized bikes with their rightful owners. By registering your bike, you also make it much easier for officers across the capital region to establish that it is stolen when checking a person riding it without your permission. This will help streamline the process and will help us get your bike back to you so you can get riding again.

How to register your bike

Registering your bike takes a couple of minutes and must be done in person. You simply fill out the form with your contact information, bike serial number and description and then either email, or mail it to us. Due COVID-19 restrictions we prefer that you do not drop off your VicPD Bike Registry form in person.

Please fill out the form and either:

Email it to us: [email protected]

Or mail it to us:

ATTN: VicPD Bike Registry

Victoria Police Department

850 Caledonia Ave

Victoria BC, V8T 5J8

Download Bike Registry Form