Fight Crime from your Pocket with the VicPD Connnect

Download the latest version of the VicPD Connect today!

Want to be notified when a child goes missing or there’s an ongoing public safety incident in your Victoria or Esquimalt neighbourhood?

Need to report a crime where the suspect is unknown and the loss is less than $5000?

Want to stay connected with all VicPD’s social media notifications in your hand?

The VicPD app connects all VicPD channels into one single, mobile friendly, ready application.


  • Notifications: Be notified on your device’s home screen when a public safety incident is happening in your neighbourbood. You must allow notifications when you install VicPD Connect for this feature to work.
  • Make a Report
    • Report crimes from the convenience of your Android or iPhone where the suspect is unknown to you and the total loss is less than $5000. You can report vandalism, graffiti, lost, stolen or damaged goods, counterfeit currency, theft from vehicle, shoplifting, fraud below $5000, bicycle theft, found bicycles and more, all from the app. No more waiting on hold to report your crime. You will need a valid email address to use this feature.
    • Report traffic violations, with actions ranging from general information for our traffic section, warnings, or issuing a ticket. You will need a valid email address to utilize this feature, and in the event a ticket is issued you must be willing to attend court and testify.
  • Submit a tip:Be the eyes and ears of VicPD by submitting anonymous tips through Crime Stoppers and help fight crime.
  • News: Read the latest VicPD news and find out what’s happening in the fight against crime in Victoria and Esquimalt. This includes all VicPD News features including media releases.
  • VicPD BlockWatch:VicPD BlockWatch is a community of neighbours who help keep each other safe by keeping an eye out for crime in their neighbours. Join this powerful community network today!
  • Recruiting:Get the latest information on how to join VicPD, whether as a new recruit sworn police officer, an exempt police officer with previous experience, a civilian member, a jail guard, a sworn volunteer reserve constable, or a VicPD Crime Watch or Front Desk volunteer. Through this link you’ll find everything you need to know about joining the VicPD family.
  • Connect with additional features and services offered through our website,
  • Twitter: The most up-to-date information we have. Our @VicPDCanada Twitter account is the most followed police account per capita in Canada and the single best place for the most up-to-date information we have.
  • Facebook: Connect with us through our community-first Facebook pages.
  • Instagram: Ride along with us as we patrol Victoria and Esquimalt, celebrate events with our community and share what you need to know to prevent crime.
  • Info: Have a comment, question or concern? Let us know!

Woah! Those features all sound great but you’re totally tracking me through my phone, right?

This app will not track you through your phone. It won’t read your text messages, go through your emails or listen to your calls. We take your privacy seriously. We can’t track you through the VicPD app, and we wouldn’t track you through the app either. We completed a Privacy Impact Assessment on the application when we first launched our app in 2014 and had privacy experts both inside and outside our organization take a look at what we’re doing and how the application accesses data, what data it accesses and more. The application has been specifically designed so that neither ourselves or the vendor we worked with to create it can access your information.

One of the programs that you can access through the VicPD app will ask you for personal information, like your name and date of birth, when you report a crime. While it was not required to do a Privacy Impact Assessment on this tool when it first launched (it’s the same tool we use to take crime reports online, too) we completed one on this tool as well.

How much did this all cost?

VicPD Connect is free. This version of the app was developed in-house at a significant cost savings to the Department. The VicPD app costs the Victoria Police Department $950 annually in hosting fees.

Special Instructions For iPhone mobileVicPD Legacy App Users

This latest version of the VicPD app is an entirely new mobile application. If you had previously downloaded our mobileVicPD app, thank you! The app won’t automatically updated. You can delete that version of the app and download the newest one to install. Thank you!