Working Together


Block Watch is all about neighbours helping neighbours. Households, apartments or condominiums on a block form a communication chain aided by a map of names, telephone numbers and addresses. Participants watch out for each others' homes and report suspicious activities to the police and each other.

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FraudMany of the fraudsters contact their potential victims over the phone of through the internet. They often take advantage of victim’s caring nature and willingness to help, or their goodness. The Canada Revenue Agency scam calls are particularly aggressive, resulting in several people attending police departments across the country to turn themselves in for charges which are entirely false.

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Crime Stoppers

crime stoppersGreater Victoria Crime Stoppers is a community, media and police cooperative program, designed to involve the public in the fight against crime. We are located in Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, Canada, on beautiful Vancouver Island. We encourage you to visit our website regularly. Each week we post a new Crime of the Week, as well as Mug Shots of individuals wanted by local law enforcement.

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