The mobile VicPD app connects all VicPD channels into one single, mobile friendly, iOS8 ready application.

Want to be notified when a child goes missing in Victoria or Esquimalt?

Need to report a crime where the suspect is unknown and the loss is less than $5000?

Want to stay connected with all VicPD’s social media notifications in your hand, whether they be Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest or Soundcloud?

Join us with the mobile VicPD app and help make Victoria and Esquimalt Canada’s safest region.


  • News: Read the latest VicPD news and find out what’s happening in the fight against crime in Victoria and Esquimalt. This includes all VicPD News features, such as media releases.
  • Report Crime: Report crimes where the suspect is unknown to you and the total loss is less than $5000 from the convenience of your iPhone. You can report vandalism, graffiti, lost, stolen or damaged goods, counterfeit currency, theft from vehicle, shoplifting, fraud below $5000, bicycle theft, found bicycles and more, all from the app. No more waiting on hold to report your crime. You will need a valid email address to use this feature.
  • Is This Yours?: Reconnect with your lost or stolen property through this photo catalogue.
  • Crime Maps: See reports of crime in your geographic location. All data displayed in this featured section of the app is presented at the 00-block level and cleaned of personal information.
  • Photos: View and search for the latest images of VicPD in action in our Flickr archives. Browse through images of our bike squad, Emergency Response Team,  K9, Patrol, Traffic and more.
  • Videos: Watch videos from the VicPD You Tube Channel
  • Audio: Listen to VicPD News features, media releases and interview.
  • Twitter: @VicPDCanada is one of our main channels of communication. If it’s happening, we’re tweeting about it.
  • Facebook: Interact with VicPD Canada on our Facebook page. Share, like and comment on our latest news, events and busts.
  • Recruiting: Join VicPD. This isn’t just to become an officer. Stay up to date with our latest job and volunteer postings, including the 911 Communications Centre, Civilian careers, Reserves, Volunteer positions. Do your part for our community and join with us.
  • VicPD Stories: Follow along with D Watch and read Sgt. Fairburn’s stories from the streets of Victoria and Esquimalt.
  • Submit a tip: Be the eyes and ears of VicPD by submitting anonymous tips through Crime Stoppers and help fight crime.
  • Traffic Complaints: After a 24-hour cooling-down period, report traffic violations online, with actions ranging from general information for our traffic section, warnings, or issuing a ticket. You will need a valid email address to utilize this feature, and in the event a ticket is issued you must be willing to attend court and testify.

Through the “i” Information icon:

Email Feedback: Provide feedback to VicPD. Let us know suggested improvements and new features you would like to see added. The mobileVicPD application is for you, the citizens we serve. Tell us how we can serve you better.

The Victoria Police Department will be adding features in the future so please select automatic updating when you download the application and stay tuned!

This application is powered by and was developed in collaboration with

Woah! Those features all sound great but you’re totally tracking me through my phone, right?

This app will not track you through your phone. It won’t read your text messages or go through your emails. When you use the “Track Crime” feature, and geolocate yourself on your device, we don’t find out where you are. We take your privacy seriously. We can’t track you through mobileVicPD, and we won’t track you through the app either. We’ve completed a Privacy Impact Assessment on the application and have had privacy experts both inside and outside our organization take a look at what we’re doing and how the application accesses data, what data it accesses and more. The application has been specifically designed so that neither ourselves or the vendor we worked with can access your information. One of the programs that you can access through mobileVicPD will ask you for personal information when you report a crime. While it was not required to do a Privacy Impact Assessment on this tool when it first launched (it’s the same tool we use to take crime reports online, too) we’ve completed one on this tool as well. Learn more about mobileVicPD and your privacy.

How much did this all cost?

MobileVicPD was created at a cost of $7,500. The annual licensing fee costs $3,500.

 MobilePD was selected as the creator of mobileVicPD after being the successful applicant in our Request for Quotes.