Community Engagement:

The Foundation of Strategic Plan 2020

The foundation of VicPD’s Strategic Plan 2020 is engagement. This plan can only be successful if it is a true and meaningful reflection of our community and our own workforce. To that end, we embarked on a comprehensive engagement effort to hear from a wide range of community groups to make sure we understood the issues that matter most to the people we serve. We also listened to the women and men from our own organization about the opportunities and challenges associated with providing policing services to Victoria and Esquimalt, and how to best implement our strategic objectives in a practical and sustainable way. Finally, we consulted the latest research regarding performance metrics for policing in Canada to ensure we could effectively measure success against our goals on an ongoing basis.

To track VicPD’s progress towards the goals of the 2020 Strategic Plan, please visit our VicPD Community Dashboard:

Open the document below to view the entire VicPD 2020 Strategic Plan: