VicPD Block Watch

The VicPD Block Watch program is an inclusive, community-based approach to safe, vibrant neighbourhoods. Residents and businesses partner with VicPD and their neighbours to start a Block Watch group, which can be set up in residential and business areas, apartments, condominiums and townhome complexes. VicPD Block Watch connects people, builds relationships and creates a strong sense of community. Being part of VicPD Block Watch involves being alert to your surroundings and looking out for each other. When you see something suspicious or witness criminal activity you are asked to safely observe and report what you see to police, and share the information with your Block Watch group.

There are three roles that form a VicPD Block Watch group; Captain, Participants, and the VicPD Block Watch Coordinator. The Captain is ultimately responsible for the active status and maintenance of the group. Participants are the people in a neighbourhood or complex who agree to be a part of a VicPD Block Watch group. The VicPD Block Watch Coordinator will provide your group with guidance, information, advice, crime prevention tips and support. There will be opportunities to attend VicPD Block Watch presentations. Below are some examples of the information and crime prevention techniques you will learn from participating in the VicPD Block Watch program.

  • How to be a Good Witness
  • What is Suspicious Behaviour or Activity
  • When to Call 9-1-1 vs Non-Emergency
  • Home Security
  • Business Security


Connect with your neighbours. Stay in touch and take care of each other.


Protect the homes and property in your neighbourhood.


Effect positive change to reduce crime in your neighbourhood.



To join your local VicPD Block Watch group or learn more about the program please contact us.

Phone: 250-995-7409