Restorative Justice Victoria

At VicPD, we are grateful for the great work of our partners at Restorative Justice Victoria (RJV). Since 2006, VicPD has been working closely with RJV to achieve outcomes outside of the traditional court system, or in conjunction with that system. We refer over 60 files to RJV every year. The most common files referred to RJV are theft under $5,000, mischief under $5,000, and assault.

RJV provides services in the Greater Victoria area for youth and adults to promote safety and healing following criminal and other harmful behaviour. When appropriate and safe, RJV facilitates voluntary communication, including face to-face meetings, between victims/survivors, offenders, supporters, and community members. For victims/survivors, the program will explore their experiences and their needs, and how to address the harms and impacts of the crime. For offenders, the program will explore what led up to the offence, and how they can repair the harms done and address personal circumstances that contributed to the offence. As an alternative to, or in conjunction with, the criminal justice system, RJV offers flexible processes to provide a tailored response to each case to best meet the needs of participants.

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