VicPD 2017 Community & Business Survey

We’re part of the community that we serve. That’s why every three years we conduct a comprehensive Community and Business Survey process. Our Community and Business Survey initiative is a months-long  project that involves a team of internal experts and takes hundreds of hours. This investment is vital to helping ensure that we’re on the right path to providing the best service we can to the citizens of Victoria and Esquimalt.

This page brings together all the materials from the survey, including the surveys themselves, the raw results, the presentations we delivered to Victoria and Esquimalt residents as well as the results of the feedback from those sessions. We’ll keep this page updated as we take what we heard from you and put it into action.

Del Manak

Chief Constable, Victoria Police Department

About the Surveys

Similar to 2014, we prepared and sent out two distinct survey documents. The first, our Community Survey, was delivered to randomly selected residences in Victoria and Esquimalt. The second, our Business Survey, was delivered to randomly selected businesses in Victoria and Esquimalt. This year we provided two response options – participants could either fill out the survey on paper and return it via a provided stamped envelope, or they could complete it online.

VicPD Reserves and Volunteers hand delivered 1,841 packages to businesses, residences, condos and apartments in Victoria and Esquimalt in February and March 2017.

Once the survey deadline passed, we collected all the results and inputted them into our online survey tool. This allows us to share all the results in a method that protects the privacy of those who responded. Using open data principles, the result are presented both in an easy-to-read table based format and as .CSV files. In order to gain insights into the specific communities that we sampled, we divided the data into four parts:

  • Combined Victoria and Esquimalt Community Survey Results
  • Victoria Community Survey Results
  • Esquimalt Community Survey Results
  • Business Survey Results

Results Presentations

The survey results were organized into two PowerPoint presentations that we delivered to community and business community attendees at a series of community conversations. These two presentations summarize the results and highlight key findings with implications for future program development. The presentation also both contain the discussion questions used in the community conversations portion of this process.

Community Conversations

Once the initial analysis phase was completed we hosted four community conversations to both do a reliability check on what we’d heard from the survey process and to begin the process of establishing next steps on how to take the survey feedback and turn it into action. Three of these sessions focused on the Community Survey, while the fourth focused on the Business Survey. The Victoria and Esquimalt Community Survey Results presentation and the Business Survey presentation above were used as the foundation of these discussions.

The format of the community conversations was designed to foster a facilitated discussion between members of the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board, our Senior Command Team and the community and business community members who attended. Hosted by Chief Constable Del Manak, each of these sessions featured a presentation of the survey results and then a feedback portion. The feedback portions divided participants up into smaller groups and asked them to focus first on the survey presentation itself generally and then each individual group was asked to focus on a specific question that we had from the survey results. Each of these small group discussions were facilitated by members of the Board and our Senior Command Team, and a member of the Senior Command Team delivered his or her small group findings to the attendees as a whole.

These sessions occurred:

  • May 18th at 7:00 Esquimalt Municipal Hall
  • May 24th at 7:00 p.m. at the Burnside/Gorge Community Centre
  • May 31st at 7:00 p.m. at the James Bay New Horizons Centre

The business focused session occurred on Tuesday June 6th at the Union Club.

Of the three community sessions, the Burnside Gorge session featured a small group of attendees. As a result, a more condensed version of the discussion was had which was hosted by Chief Manak.

Feedback from each table was recorded on portrait-sized Post-it notes. The feedback was also entered into an Excel spreadsheet.

Key themes emerged across questions, tables and sessions. These main themes included concern for and recognition of the news and social media landscape which many participants felt was negatively impacting perceptions of safety, a desire for increased direct engagement through programs like mobile community police stations, Block Watch-style programs and direct engagement events, and strong support for increased officer presence and additional resources as well as new and improved reporting methods.

Next steps

Chief Manak has committed to using the feedback that we’ve received from these surveys and using it as the foundation of organizational improvements. To that end our Senior Command Team is meeting in mid-September to analyze the feedback and begin this very process. We’ll be providing frequent updates on our steps forward. We have heard loud and clear that the communities we serve want more and closer engagement with our officers and staff. We’re challenged with budgetary constraints but are looking at new and innovative ways to provide these services.

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