Report a Crime or Traffic Complaint Online

There are three types of complaints that we take through online reporting: Traffic Complaints, suspected suspicious drug activity at a residence or property and Crimes Below $5000 in which a suspect is unlikely to be identified. Online reporting allows you to take action when convenient for you and is an efficient and effective use of police resources. When you report a crime online:

  • Your file will be reviewed
  • You will be issued a file number
  • Your incident will go into our reporting protocols, helping us identify patterns and shift resources to protect your neighbourhood appropriately.
  • In order to file your Crime Report online you must have a valid email address.

If this is an Emergency, do not file a report online, but instead call 911 immediately. 

There are two types of traffic complaints you can make online:

  1. GENERAL INFORMATION – This is general information that you want us to be aware of for potential enforcement action as time and resources permit. ie. a continual problem with speeders in your area.
  2. CHARGES LAID ON YOUR BEHALF – These are observed driving offences that you feel warrant enforcement action and you want police to issue a Violation Ticket on your behalf. You must be willing to attend court and give evidence.

There are a series of types of crimes you can report online:

  • Suspected or Suspicious Drug Activity at a Residence or Property
  • Graffitti Complaints
  • Theft under $5000 where you do not know the suspect. These include:
    • Cheque Fraud under $5000
    • Credit and Debit Card under $5000
    • Theft from Vehicle under $5000
    • Bicycle Theft under $5000
    • Theft under $5000
  • Counterfeit Currency
  • Lost Property
  • Found Bicycle