Question or Concern FAQs2019-10-29T12:27:21-08:00

Question or Concern FAQs

What is a question or concern?2019-10-29T12:23:18-08:00

Question or Concern Complaints generally have to do with police conduct that causes a member of the public to be upset, worried or disturbed.

How is a Question or Concern different than a Registered Complaint?2019-10-29T12:23:44-08:00

Questions or Concerns generally cause a member of the public to be upset, worried or disturbed, while a Registered Complaint typically include an allegation of police officer misconduct.

Questions or Concerns are generally resolved within 10 days, while Registered Complaint investigations (which are deemed admissible by the OPCC) must be completed within six (6) months.

Your right to make a complaint against the Victoria Police Department is set out in the B.C. Police Act. This law affects all municipal police in British Columbia.

Where can I submit my Question or Concern?2019-10-29T12:24:16-08:00

You can share your question or concern with the Victoria Police Department by attending in person, or sharing your question or concern by telephone.

The VicPD is committed to ensuring that your question or concern will be received, considered and managed in a professional manner. The person receiving the question or concern has a duty to:

  • assist you and record your question or concern
  • share your concern with the OPCC
How will my question or concern be resolved?2019-10-29T12:24:40-08:00

Questions and concerns provide police with important feedback and give them the opportunity to respond to members in their communities.  Your concern will be documented and an effort made to discuss, share information and provide clarification. If you have information which you believe is relevant to your question or concern, this may also be considered, documented or accepted.

The Question or Concern process facilitates communication. This may result in the sharing of perspective, or a more detailed explanation which may satisfy your question or concern. VicPD seeks to provide a high level of service and accountability to all members of the community.

What happens to a question or concern that is not resolved to my satisfaction?2019-10-29T12:25:37-08:00

If you are not satisfied that your question or concern has been appropriately addressed, you may initiate a Registered Complaint with the OPCC.

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