Missing People

The Victoria Police Department is committed to ensuring that reports of missing people are addressed in a timely and sensitive manner. If you know or believe somebody is missing, please call us. You do not have to wait to report a missing person, and anyone can make a report. Your report will be taken seriously, and the investigation will start without delay.

To Report A Missing Person:

To report a missing person, that you do not believe to be in imminent danger, call the Victoria Police Department’s non-emergency number at 250-995-7654. Advise the call taker that the reason for the call is to report a missing person.

To report a missing person who you believe to be in imminent danger, please call 911.

Finding the missing person safe and well is the primary concern of VicPD.

When Reporting a Missing Person:

When you call to report somebody missing, call takers will require certain information to further our investigation such as:

  • A physical description of the person you’re reporting missing (clothing they were wearing at the time they went missing, hair and eye colour, height, weight, gender, ethnicity, tattoos and scars);
  • Any vehicle that they may be driving;
  • When and where they were last seen;
  • Where they work and live; and
  • Any other information that might be needed to aid our officers.

Typically a photo will be requested of the missing in order to disseminate as widely as possible.

Missing Person Coordinator:

VicPD has a full time constable who currently works in this position. The officer is responsible for the oversight and support functions for all missing person’s investigations, ensuring that each file is reviewed and monitored. The coordinator also ensures that all investigations comply with the BC Provincial Policing Standards.

The coordinator will also:

  • Know the status of all open missing person investigations within VicPD’s jurisdiction;
  • Ensure there is always an active lead investigator for all missing persons investigations within VicPD’s jurisdiction;
  • Maintain and make available to members for VicPD, a list of local resources and suggested investigative steps to assist in missing persons investigations;
  • Liaise with the BC Police Missing Persons Centre (BCPMPC)

The coordinator will also be able to assist the family and friends of missing person by providing the name of the lead investigating officer or name of the family liaison officer.

Provincial Policing Standards for Missing Persons:

In B.C., Provincial Policing Standards for Missing Persons Investigations have been in effect since September 2016. The standards and associated Guiding Principles establish the overall approach to missing person investigations for all BC police agencies.

The Missing Persons Act, came into effect in June 2015. The Act improves police access to information that could help locate a missing person and allows police to apply for court orders to access records or conduct searches. The Act also allows officers to directly demand access to records in emergency situations.