ile #     14-26420Date:     Monday, June 23, 2014Listen: VicPD Warning The Public After Fishing Line Strung Across Bike Route Victoria, BC – VicPD Patrol officers are warning cyclists to take caution after receiving a report of fishing line strung across the 1200-block of Kings Road on Saturday evening.A concerned citizen called the VicPD 911 Communications Centre at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 21st.  The caller reported that she had comAe across fishing line strung across the road. Concerned that passing cyclists would not be able to see the fishing line and be endangered, she removed it. The caller chose to remain anonymous at the time. Patrol officers attended to investigate. This incident is reminiscent of a similar incident (13-31963) which occurred four blocks away on August 9, 2013. In that incident, a cyclist was injured after black electrical tape was strung across the street at Prior Street and Kings Road. No arrests were made in that incident. It is unclear if these two incidents are related but that will form part of the investigation. In the meantime, members of the public are encouraged to cycle with proper helmets and lights and to use increased diligence while riding in the Kings Road area. Anyone who has discovered any similar incidents are asked to contact police.In addition, investigators are asking the original caller to come forward as they are hoping to interview her further. Anyone with information about either incident is asked to call the VicPD non-emergency line at (250) 995-7654.