File: 14-28557Date: Friday, July 4, 2012Listen: Man In Custody After Allegedly Assaulting VicPD OfficerVictoria, BC – A Victoria man is in custody after he allegedly assaulted a VicPD Officer last night. The alleged assault occurred when the officer took the man into custody when he attended a location that he was prohibited from as part of conditions resulting from an earlier arrest – made by the same VicPD Officer.At approximately 8 p.m., the VicPD officer, working as a single person unit, attended a hotel in the 400-block of Gorge Road East to investigate a report of a break and enter at that location. Upon her arrival, the VicPD officer was directed towards the male suspect by residents. The officer recognized the man from her previous arrest of him at that same location, for an alleged break and enter. Having walked the man through the signing of the document outlining the conditions of his release pending trial, the officer was well aware that the man was breaching the conditions of his release.When confronted by the officer, the man became violent and is alleged to have attacked the officer. A struggle ensued. The officer wrestled with the male until back-up arrived, and working together, officers took the man into custody without further incident. The officer decided against seeking immediate medical treatment. The man was not hurt.The twenty-three year-old Victoria man has been held for court facing charges of Assaulting a Police Officer, as well as charges for breaching the conditions of his release, as well as breaching an order not to possess or consume drugs or