Date:   Feb 17, 2015

File #     15- 5978

Sharp-Eyed Officer and K9 Capture Thief

Victoria BC – Along with capturing a wanted escapee, VicPD officers were busy last week with a number of property related calls that resulted in arrests and the reuniting of property.

On Family Day, Monday, February 9th, Esquimalt Division officers were patrolling the 900-Block of Esquimalt Road at approximately 2 a.m., when they heard noises coming from a covered parking lot.

As the first officer on scene came near, the suspect fled, leaving behind a large amount of stolen property and break in tools.

Thankfully, a VicPD K9 officer and dog were nearby. They were able to quickly track the suspect to a hiding spot under a hedge in the 1000-block of Esquimalt Road. While the suspect was being taken into custody, Police Service Dog Uno detected more property under the hedge for recovery.

Officers recommended five charges against the 32-year-old Nanaimo man. Those charges included failing to comply with a probation order, two counts of possession of break in instruments, mischief under $5000 and theft under $5000.


File #     15- 6332

Stolen Items from ‘Grab-and-Go’ Break and Enter Located and Returned by VicPD

Victoria BC – Quick action by VicPD’s Focused Enforcement Team led to the recovery of important property taken in a ‘grab and go’ break and enter on Wednesday morning.

A janitor was in the Yates Street Taphouse and was cleaning the restaurant when an opportunistic thief sneaked in and stole the janitor’s backpack and a computer from the restaurant.

The officers spent the day looking for any potential leads, and were able to track down someone who was able to lead them to the stolen property.

“Yates Street Taphouse had a break-in early this week. A laptop, amongst other things, was taken with key information to our brand and success.  From the point of reporting, the force was on it!” said Grant Turner, owner of Yates Street Taphouse. “From the initial interview, going through the surveillance and sending info through the network, VicPD was very quick and professional with great results!”


File #     15- 6582

Fraud Warning from VicPD

Victoria BC – A hopeful job-seeker was scammed out of $140.00 through a prevalent scam that has hit the region.

The scam preys on hopeful job-seekers using online searches. In this instance, the job-seeker connected with someone saying they would pay $200.00 for ten hours of work as a “shopper.”  The hopeful employee would then be sent a large sum cheque, be asked to cash it, and be required to send money back.

Although this may sound like a deal, the cheques are fraudulent and the returned money is taken from the victim’s account.

“Be aware. Scams like these use the promise of quick money and easy work to take your cash,” said Detective Dawndra Tolsma. “If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.”