Victoria, BC – In the interest in keeping those camping on the Courthouse property known as “Tent City,” neighbours and the public informed, we thought it best to provide this update on our policing approach to this situation as we continue to work with all the impacted parties.

There have been incorrect reports in the media and online that, with the expiration of the Thursday, February 25th, 2016 deadline to depart the site, campers will be facing enforcement action. ‎At this time, there is no legal order in place that would prompt police enforcement action on that day‎. Our understanding is that the Provincial Government is seeking voluntary compliance with their request for campers to leave the site‎ by February 25th.

We understand that a peaceful event is planned for Thursday at or near the Provincial Courthouse property. Our officers will be present at the rally as necessary, to ensure public safety.

If and when a legal court order is in place, we will determine the most appropriate and safest way to give effect to that order. If and when this time comes, we will continue to work with the various stakeholders to resolve the situation peacefully. Those various stakeholders continue to work with social agencies on transitional and shelter options for the campers on the grounds.

We will continue to work to keep all parties informed on what we are doing. Our continued hope is for a peaceful and constructive resolution for all parties involved.