Monday, November 7, 2016

Last week, Cst Andy Dunstan of VicPD was presented with the District Commander’s Certificate of Appreciation.  Here’s why:

On September 21, 2015 Cst Dunstan was a volunteer member of the support crew for the 2015 Cops for Cancer Tour De Rock. While in Sayward, Cst Dunstan, a member of the motorcycle escort team, was flagged down and alerted to a single vehicle accident on a main forestry service road. The truck had hit a tree and went into a side spin, landing across the road in the ditch. The driver was unrestrained, ejected from the vehicle and came to rest at the bottom of the ditch under the truck.

As radio communication was not available Cst Dunstan stayed with the driver while the other motorcycle escort rider drove to Sayward to alert the RCMP.  Cst Dunstan gave the driver the best medical attention he could, while he waited for the lone RCMP officer as well as seven other police officers who were also on the support crew.

At the ceremony, they said that “this was truly a team effort and there is no doubt that the lone Sayward members appreciated their assistance with this incident which unfortunately turned out to be a fatal motor vehicle accident. Each of these police officers played an integral role at the scene, supporting the local volunteer fire department in the recovery of the victim and assisting with the investigation. Their actions and professionalism are commendable.”

Congratulations Cst Dunstan.