Monday, January 29, 2018

Victoria BC-  Community Services Division officers are documenting over 20 exhibits and recommending several charges against two men and one woman after a search warrant was executed in the 700-block of Pandora Ave on Thursday, January 25th.

Officers began a drug investigation in mid-January into a Victoria man who was believed to be dealing drugs in the downtown area.  The investigation led to the execution of a search warrant which was executed by the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team.


Seized items included $21,000 of property including an SUV, over $43,000 in cash, and drugs including cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and fentanyl.  In total, $20,000 of drugs were seized and officers located cocaine that was cut with methamphetamine.  Officers will be working with Civil Forfeiture and Federal Crown to deal with the proceeds of crime in the coming days.

Our Community Services Division officers have worked with supportive housing service providers for some time to help create safe living spaces. In this particular case, officers acted fast to interrupt the drug dealing that was taking place in one of these facilities. Officers will continue to target those people who prey on those who suffer from mental health and addiction.

Nine charges in total are being recommended.


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