Saturday, February 3, 2018

Victoria BC – Officers are recommending five counterfeit currency charges against a Vancouver man who has been in Victoria for two days.

Officers from our Community Services Division’s Beat Section observed a man who was the suspect in two alleged counterfeit currency files over the past two days.  In those files, the man allegedly passed counterfeit $100 American bills and got Canadian currency as change.

Officers arrested the man and when he was searched, investigators located over $1000 in counterfeit American bills as well as evidence that the man has passed the counterfeit bills at other locations in Victoria. Officers have followed up with those businesses and are recommending five charges against the man.  Specifically with these bills, instead of saying “The United States of America” the bills say “World Universal Bank Limited”.  Pictures of the counterfeit bills below.  If you have been passed one of these bills, call us at 250-995-7654.


For more information on how retailers can protect themselves, please visit the Bank of Canada at or The U.S. Currency Education program at



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