Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Victoria, BC – Patrol officers successfully resolved two missing child investigations yesterday, one shortly after the other. Officers located both children safely after brief searches.

19-7457 | Afterschool Program Alerts Officers To Missing Child

Just after 3:30 p.m. yesterday, officers were called to the Quadra Village neighbourhood when afterschool program staff discovered a child missing. Multiple officers from several units, including our Patrol division, halted their in-progress investigations and flooded the area near the school as part of our priority 1 response. A description of the missing child was broadcast and responding officers began their search. A short time later, officers located the child at a residence with another family member. The family member who originally transports the child to the afterschool program had been injured in an accident. A miscommunication with the other family member led to the afterschool program not being updated. Officers safely located this missing child within 30 minutes of the first call. Once confirming the child was safe, officers returned to their in-progress investigations.

19-7473 | Lost Girl On Bike Located By Officers Searching For Her

A short time later officers responded to the Rockland neighbourhood after our E-Comm 911 operators were called by a concerned parent who reported that their child, who normally rides her bicycle home from school, had not returned home. The parent had checked some of the places where their child may stop on her way home from school and with the child’s friends. The parent began to search for their child and called police. Multiple officers from several units, including our Patrol division halted their in-progress investigations and began to search for the missing girl.

A short time later, an officer who was part of the search spotted the girl near her home, riding her bicycle. She was returned home to her concerned parent. Officers noted the girl was quite upset and spoke with her to confirm that she had not been harmed. The girl reported that she had been detoured from her usual route home by construction and had become lost. The lost girl and concerned parent were reunited within 30 minutes of the initial call.


File #: 
19-7457, 19-7473