Thursday, March 21, 2019

Victoria BC – A life has been saved after officers administered naloxone this morning.

A patrol officer was on routine patrol in the area of North Park and Quadra Streets at approximately 3:15 a.m. this morning when he observed an unconscious man lying on the sidewalk.  He was able to quickly determine that the man was suffering from an opioid overdose. Members began first aid, including administering naloxone until Emergency Health Services arrived.  The man regained consciousness upon the arrival of Emergency Health Services. It is believed that the man would of succumbed to the overdose if the patrol officer had not located him.

This is just one example of where officers, in the course of their routine duties, have come across somebody suffering an overdose and were able to administer naloxone in an effort to save lives. In 2018, naloxone was administered 39 times by VicPD officers on 24 people with 22 lives being saved.

VicPD continues to not be the primary first responder for overdose calls.  Early on, VicPD determined that the overdose crisis was in fact a health crisis, not a criminal one.  Paramedics are the primary responders for these types of calls.  As one of our common law duties is to protect life and property, we have an obligation to assist in these types of calls when needed, or when our officers are close by.