Friday, May 17, 2019

Victoria BC- This week is National Police Week across Canada, and we’re highlighting some of the great work of our officers and civilian members who work on a daily basis to make Victoria and Esquimalt safer and more vibrant communities.

National Police week began in 1970 and is a way for communities to learn about what police do and the services that they provide.  On March 8th, VicPD held the annual Honours Ceremony to recognize some of the outstanding work of our officers and civilian members. In total, 41 officers and support staff were recognized. The awards were presented in two categories – the Police Exemplary Service Medal, followed by Chief and Deputy Chief Constables’ Commendations.

One of those recipients was Constable Shaun Juby. Constable Juby received the Chief Constable Commendation for Meritorious Service after his actions at a call on November 30th , 2016.

In the early morning hours, on-duty VicPD patrol officers responded to the report of a man who had been stabbed in the 1200-block of Douglas Street. Constable Juby was one of the first officers on scene and quickly located the victim who had a significant wound to his neck. As other resources arrived, Constable Juby began directing the necessary resources needed to help to control the profuse bleeding.  Constable Juby determined that the victim’s carotid artery had been seriously comprised and officers began applying pressure to the wound.  It soon became apparent that the direct pressure to the wound was not stemming the flow of blood. As the victim began to lose colour, Constable Juby knew that the only way to attempt to prevent the catastrophic loss of blood was the clamp the artery. Without hesitation, Constable Juby pinched closed the victims artery which was successful in significantly reducing the further loss of blood.

The victim was rushed to hospital where, tragically, he was not able to be saved due to the reduced oxygen to his brain. The Emergency Department was able to use life-support devices in order to allow his family to say good-bye, something that could not have happened without Constable Juby’s quick and decisive actions at the scene.

Congratulations to Constable Shaun Juby on his commendation.