Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Victoria, BC – VicPD has issued two requests for proposals, one for a Psychological Medical Director, and the other for an occupational health nurse consultant, and has launched a new Peer Support Team as the department continues to work to support the health and well-being of officers and staff.

The Victoria Police Department is working to enhance employee wellness and improve well-being by providing additional professional and peer supports. The addition of a Psychological Medical Director, Occupational Health Nurse, and our newly-launched Peer Support (P2P) Team will augment our existing extended support team which includes VicPD’s Medical Director and the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team. VicPD officers and staff also have access to employee and family assistance plans and extended mental health benefits.

VicPD seeks Psychological Medical Director

VicPD has issued a request for proposals for a psychologist who will serve on a contract basis as the Department’s Psychological Medical Director and who will provide psychological services, engage with employees, guide, advise, and promote wellness services with the aim of supporting a healthy work environment where all employees have choice in care. The psychologist will provide clinical services through an intake and referral model, and connect employees to psychological or wellness services following critical incidents, or in complex cases. The position will collaborate with employees, human resources personnel, VicPD’s newly-launched Peer Support (P2P) Team, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team, operational leaders, union representatives, health practitioners and insurance carriers with respect to psychological medical care services. The psychologist will also serve as an advisor on departmental wellness initiatives, policies, procedures and best practices within police divisions, units and teams.

For more information and to submit a Psychologist proposal, please visit:

VicPD seeks Occupational Health Nurse

VicPD has also issued a request for proposals for an Occupational Health Nurse to serve on a contract basis as the Department continues our work to enhance support for our employees by engaging the services of a specialist with abilities management knowledge and experience. This person will provide support for employee health management, including promoting healthy “stay at work” and successful “return to work” plans. The Occupational Health Nurse will act as an abilities management resource to assist with complex cases and will collaborate with employees, human resources personnel, operational leaders, union representatives, health practitioners and insurance carriers with respect to stay at work, return to work and accommodation issues.

For more information and to submit an Occupational Health Nurse proposal, please visit –

VicPD Launches Peer Support Team

VicPD has officially launched our Peer Support (P2P) Team. Consisting of both sworn and civilian VicPD members, the team is trained to support peers across the department and assist in connecting those in need to professional services. Part of the work the Peer Support Team does is in conjunction with the CISM team to provide two-stage peer support for critical incidents across VicPD. While CISM provides support in the hours, days and weeks immediately following a critical incident, P2P provides longer-term support. Importantly, the P2P also provides support which does not need to be related to a specific stress-related event or specific injury.

The P2P team has grown, in part, from the recognition at VicPD that building and maintaining relationships with our peers can reduce the likelihood of developing a stress injury. Each team member has received Trauma Resiliency Training through Wounded Warriors Canada as well as certification through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) for assisting individuals in crisis. The 11-person team provides VicPD officers and staff with connection, as well as assistance with a wide range of circumstances, from peer support, to assisting with meals for members in need, to helping members navigate connection with professional supports. While the VicPD P2P team officially launched this month, members of the team who had completed their training immediately stepped into action following an incident in Saanich in which six officers with the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team (GVERT), three of whom are VicPD officers, were shot while responding to a call for two armed men at a bank.

“Taking care of our people, whether they be sworn officers or civilians, is vital to maintaining our ability to serve the communities of Victoria and Esquimalt,” VicPD Chief Del Manak said. “Adding a Psychological Medical Director and an Occupational Health Nurse and officially launching VicPD’s Peer Support team – who are already doing excellent work – are all part of an ongoing effort to better support every member of the VicPD family.”

The requests for proposals close September 29th, 2022.

VicPD’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Survey Working Group continues to work on additional short, medium and long-term programs and supports in an ongoing effort to continue to support the health and well-being of VicPD officers and staff.




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